Iron Man 3

There are two things I am generally very wary of when it comes to games: the first is a game based on a movie, and second is a game based on a superhero. Too often they are mediocre for one reason or another.  So when Gameloft announced Iron Man 3 The Game to be released along side its film big brother, I had my reservations.

Gameloft appears to have quelled all my reservations, however, and looks to be about to release a game that is properly deserving of the Iron Man name. They’ve released a trailer today that shows some of the game’s gameplay and customization features, which appear to capitalize both on the nature of the Iron Man movies and the abilities of the mobile platform. Which is the way it should be. Check out the trailer below



The gameplay looked to come in the form of Temple Run-style tilt control while still utlizing touch controls to destroy obstacles and enemies. The trailer also details quite a large emphasis on the ability to collect and customize Iron Man suits, which for a Iron Man geek is basically heaven.

The Iron Man 3 game hits Android next week at the same time as the movie and expect to pay your standard Gameloft fee to play. We’ll have to wait till then to see if it can really make a grown man weak at the knees.

Are you excited about the game and the movie? And because everyone loves Iron Man, I’ve also included a movie trailer. Geek out in the comments below.



Game: Iron Man 3

Release Date: 25th April

Publisher: Gameloft