Mophie Powerstation Duo charging

I have reviewed many portable chargers over the years and they all had one thing in common, mAhs, obviously right. But no my issue is the mAh output for portable chargers, let me tell you why.. I have a Samsung Galaxy Note II and when it comes to portable chargers the “phablet” name comes to mind. While the Note II is advertised as a smart phone it charges like a tablet. Basically my Note II requires a 2 mAh charger to, well, charge at a decent speed so most of the portable chargers out there don’t cut it. Thankfully mophie and their amazing powerstation duo aims to change that while keeping the bulk down. But enough talk let me tell you what mophie is about.

First Impressions:

Out of the box the powerstation duo oozes quality, it feels like it is made out of materials not yet known to man. Besides the feel it is a straight forward minimalistic design and with two USB ports so there will be no shortage of charging going on here. There is no wall charger though which seems to be the trend in portable chargers nowadays, so for some of you this maybe a bit of an annoyance but it is far from a deal breaker. There is also 4 LEDS which show battery life towards the bottom right hand corner which are a nice, dare I say, Android Green color. All in all a great looking minimal charger.

Mophie Powerstation Duo Box Contents

In The Box:

  • Powerstation Duo
  • Charging Cable
  • Manual


Mophie Powerstation Duo Side

Built In Short Circuit, Overcharge, and Temperature Protection:

So this is something I have yet to find in other chargers and I’m happy mophie put it into the powerstation duo. The Short Circuit protection basically keeps your device safe in the event of a, well, short-circuit the charger will take the hit and your device will be safe. Same goes for Overcharging (leaving your device charging so long that it causes excess heat within the battery, in some cases causing it to explode.) This along with the Temperature protection helps protect your device by turning off any power to your device to prevent these potentially dangerous scenarios by monitoring the temperature.

Mophie Powerstation Duo Ports

2.1 mAh Output:

For a small charger man does this thing pack a punch, with a 2.1 mAh output the mophie powerstation duo can easily charge a tablet without breaking a sweat. This is my favorite capability of the charger as it is the only charger I have that can actually keep up with my Note II. With a 6000 mAh capacity I can easy get about two whole charges (just shy of two complete chargers as the Note II has a 3100 mAh battery). Whenever I am low this is the first charger I go to as it is the fastest one when I’m on the go and while it is only 6000 mAh it does more than enough in keeping me mobile.

Mophie Powerstation Duo LEDS


This is a simple feature that is fairly common among portable chargers. On the mophie Juice pack powerstation duo they are towards the bottom right hand corner and are there to show you the remaining power on the duo. Simple and functional as it should be.


  • Battery Life: 5/5
  • Charging Capabilities: 5/5
  • Design: 5/5
  • Price: 5/5


While $100 bucks may seem like much you have to remember that the mophie juice pack powerstation duo has the ability to charge a tablet. The 2.1 mAh required is something not many companies do and for owners of a Note II it is a great way to get power fast. As is said before I have made this my go to charger and I haven’t found one that is above it yet. With the great design, 2.1 mAh output, and the small form factor the mophie juice pack powerstation duo is one portable charger that does more for your tablets then more expensive chargers on the market. So hit up the links below and get yours from mophie or Amazon today. This has been an AndroidSPIN review thanks for reading.


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