Google’s latest endeavor is called One Today, an app focusing on nonprofits. The mobile app brings together people and nonprofits, supported with donations of $1. New projects from nonprofits are highlighted daily. You can donate to projects you are interested in with one click, users can then share their donations with friends on social media. The app is currently available through a limited pilot on Android.

With One Today, users can:

  1. Learn about a different project from a nonprofit every day. The more you engage with the app, the better we’ll get at picking projects for you.
  2. Choose to donate to projects you like.
  3. Amplify your impact by matching donations and sharing your favorite projects with your friends on social media.
  4. Pay your balance. Donations are grouped together for easy payments through Google Wallet.
  5. Do good daily! Engage with hundreds of nonprofit projects each year and help contribute to their success.

All organizations found on One Today are associated with Google for Nonprofits. One Today is currently invite-only, but users can request an invite by visiting