Another device gaining Jelly Bean today on T-Mobile‘s network is the LG Optimus L9. There is no need to connect to your PC and attempt to use LG’s interesting update software. This update is rolling out via a traditional OTA only. You should get a notification when it reaches your device, but you can also prompt it yourself by going to Menu > Settings > About Device > System Update. You will want to make sure you have some time on a solid Wi-Fi connection to download the update file. You will also want to make sure your battery is charged up over 50% as well.

LG Optimus L9 Jelly Bean Android 4.1.2
For more details, you can visit T-mobile Support.

Anyone out there looking forward to picking this up today?

Via Tmonews

  • Joel Lobb (@kentuckyloan)

    I am still waiting for my L9 to update on T mobile to Jellybean.

    • Courtney

      Check today! I checked all day yesterday, and when I woke up this morning, my phone was ready to update. Just make sure your phone has at least 50% battery or more(:

      • Carlos

        Great for you. I am still waiting for my update. Any noticeable changes. Will apps transfer to sd card?

        • Eve

          I’m still waiting to getting angry… Pa

        • aditya

          yes most of the third party apps can be transferred to sd card

  • jake

    Greater atlanta area is still waiting. This is getting on my nerves.

  • Luis

    I`m out US, and using another carrier.. can I Update?

    • Eve

      I’m still waiting here in Lancaster Pa…..any one know why it’s taking so long

      • AKTMO

        I think I figured it out. I tried forcing the OTA as others have mentioned by the clearing and stopping the Google Services Framework and then checking for the update (Google search “force android ota”). I did this numerous times mostly late night and early AM but it did not work. I tried doing other things such as changing settings to allow installation of unknown app sources, enabling USB debugging, removing the SIM and SD cards, restarting, etc. I finally got it to work this afternoon. I thought it was the USB debugging mode as that was the last change I made before it started working on mine but when I tried it on my wife’s phone, it did not work. I remembered what I did differently. I stopped and cleared the Google Services Framework and then went to the update page but I did NOT tap on the check for update button. As I got distracted, I left the phone on my couch while still on that update page which showed the last time it checked for updates was 12/31/1969. I then went back to the phone after a few minutes and pressed to power button to turn the screen back on and it was automatically downloading (I had left wifi and data on). I just did this to my wife’s phone (also an L9) and after about 20 minutes, it started downloaded and is updating as I am posting this.

        • steve

          it worked thanks

  • Ryzo

    Anoter way to update is to go to settings-apps-all-google services framework-clear data-force stop. Then go to settings-about phone should say :Android System Update Downloading: 346.5MB Via Wifi Only until May 31. Have a good connection more than 50% battery and Voila!

  • ayesjm

    i just got mine – at 12pm today – it’s installing now

  • azim

    yeah just got mine too.
    wanted to ask what does the update do anyway? What differences should I be looking for?

  • pagasus

    just installed a few minutes ago. the only real noticeable difference at this point is that the little green android dude is gone and replaced with t-mobile graphics. sucks. i want my little green guy back!

    otherwise, other than taking up space, cache, and running a bit warmer i’m not seeing anything different with this jelly bean update fiasco.

    • Carlos

      What a bummer I also really liked the Android (little green dude) when phone started. I think the only good thing about the jellybean update the the Qslide App, whichh is multitasking app. Pretty nifty. Polaris Office 4 is useful but there are other better word editing apps.
      I did notice that with the update its using more Ram being used with all apps closed. Other that, I really would like to see with the jelly bean update; apps transfer to sd card. Does anyone know how I can do his; rooting can do the job, but to complicated for a newbie like me.

  • kamal

    Battery usage went up a lot after the upgrade.

  • Dawn

    The predictive text is horrible after update!! Google runs slower. I wish I didn’t do it!

  • pierre

    Updated but now I can’t seem to figure out how to save videos off the browser. Any suggestions? Help!