For many, the Galaxy S Relay 4G was the answer to a physical keyboard Android device. After the HTC G2, not many were being produced. Mostly because the need for a full physical keyboard slowly slipped away when screen sizes increased and even the most uncoordinated individual could actually type on-screen easily. For those that are still happy with their Relay 4G purchase will be happy to know that you are getting a dose of Jelly Bean today.

The update will be rolling out to owners of the Relay in typical OTA fashion. T-Mobile states that you won’t get a notification of the update though. I would imagine that means you need to head into settings and about phone and ping for the update yourself. Which is a bit odd to us.

The update is also available through Samsung Kies. That is Samsung’s PC software that lets you transfer files, images and other information as well as install software updates via a USB connection. If you don’t have it, you can pick it up through Samsung.

T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S Relay 4G Jelly Bean

By now you should know that Jelly Bean will make the over all Android experience much nicer for you. You will have goodies like Google Now, the enhanced notification area and also the speed of project butter.

For more information, head over to T-Mobile Support. otherwise, grab your device and give it check. Let us know how your experience changes after the update.

Via AndroidPoilice

  • FILA

    sad to see the QWERTY gen die off.