Wren Sound Systems V5PF Play-Fi Speaker  Review
Plenty of you guys should have seen us talking about Phorus and the Play-Fi speaker and receiver that was shown off at CES 2012. We covered the speaker and the app once they were released in October. They were a huge hit and everyone that has one. loves it. They look cool, sound great and have additional functions as a stand for your device and a will charge your phone or tablet at the same time. Now there is another new Play-Fi kid on the block that rivals BOSE in terms of quality, clarity and stylish design.

First off, what is Play-Fi? Play-Fi is a the technology that allows you to stream audio through your home Wi-Fi connection from your device to the speaker.  It allows to only be limited by the distance you can be connected to your router. If you have repeaters, a two-story house and a big back yard, you can still stream high quality lossless audio from anywhere in your house. It rather impressive and works like it is supposed too. You aren’t here to read about the app or the technology though, you are here to take a look at the newest member of the Play-Fi family.

Meet the Wren V5PF. The V5PF is specifically designed for Android devices. Utilizing the Wren Play-Fi app, your Wi-Fi internet connection and a power source, you have access to some of the best wireless sound that has ever hit specifically for Android lovers.

In the Box

  • Wren V5PF
  • Power Supply
  • USB mini cord
  • USB micro cord

Wren Sound Systems V5PF Play-Fi Speaker Wren Sound Systems V5PF Play-Fi Speaker
You don’t need much to get this up and running. To set it up you simply plug it in, install the free app to your device or devices and place the speaker in search mode. The app will walk you through connecting your device to the V5PF speaker. It takes only a few short moments to make the connection, but you will need your Wi-Fi password if it is a protected network. Once connected you get to name the speaker what ever you would like. Usually the room you have it in simplest, but feel free to be creative. This really only affects users who may have multiple V5PF units or another Play-Fi device like the Phorus Audio products. Knowing which speaker is which will let you control various rooms from one device.

The Controls

The V5PF has very little physical controls. On the right hand side you have your Power Button, Volume Buttons and sound Source Button. You will generally use your device to control the volume, but it is charging or in the next room, at least you can adjust the volume on your way past the speaker.

Wren Sound Systems V5PF Play-Fi Speaker
On the rear you have your Power Source, USB Port, AUX Port, Setup Button and Bass Port. The USB port is there so you can plug your device in and charge it while you rock out. Of course the AUX plug allows you to connect an MP3 player, iOS device or anything else that has an audio output to the unit. The AUX port might seem pointless, but there are times where you may not have internet available to you, or you just want to connect up an MP3 Player, or the dreaded iPod, to the speaker to get the amazing sound quality it offers.

Wren Sound Systems V5PF Play-Fi Speaker Wren Sound Systems V5PF Play-Fi Speaker

The Design

As you can see the Wren V5PF is extremely elegant looking. It is designed to sit comfortably on an end table, counter, shelf or any place you would like it to be. It isn’t the kind of speaker you try to hide so people don’t make fun of you for having it. It is made from top quality materials by a leader in the audio industry veterans. They pack in cutting edge t-technology with the old-school materials and build quality. Basically, they know what they are doing and have built the V5PF to last. Unlike many plastic and inexpensive speakers on the market. The external appearance of the speaker is almost S shaped and comes in either a Bamboo wood, pictured here, or a deep Rosewood finish. These are veneers that wrap around 1/2-inch thick MDF board. It is internally braced to keep the things from rattling. The front reinforced grill is under the outer cloth material.  On the bottom you will find a 4mm low durometer silicon pad. Keeps your furniture protected and also keeps the speaker from generating surface buzz.

Wren Sound Systems V5PF Play-Fi Speaker Wren Sound Systems V5PF Play-Fi Speaker Wren Sound Systems V5PF Play-Fi Speaker Wren Sound Systems V5PF Play-Fi Speaker

On the Inside

For the audiophiles out there, having someone say it sounds amazing isn’t enough. They need to know the hardware at best if they can’t listen in them selves. Inside the Wren V5PF speaker is an Intersil D2 50 watt DSP-Controlled class D amplifier. The sound is pumped out through two 3-inch long throw drivers with four-layer voice coils. This gives the speaker some serious Bass and power handling ability. The high are handled by a pair of edge-driven 19mm softdome tweeters that are placed on the front baffle to create a wide, realistic sound that seems to float through the air.


  • Height – 6 1/8 inches
  • Width – 4 1/4 inches
  • Length – 16 5/8
  • Weight – 6.6 ponds.

It isn’t a small or light. Considering the material used and the build quality of the unit, you wouldn’t want it to be light.

Sound Quality

I have listened to a number of headphones, a number of Bluetooth Speakers and a whole lot of other audio products in my days. I have always been pleased in some area by the products I have tested. I have never expected much from many, but often the price that it is being offered at usually works out to be acceptable and worth the money. The Wren system easily out does anything I have ever heard personally. The bass is deep and rich with no discernible crackling or popping no matter what I threw at it or volume level I put it at. The bass is accompanied by clear, crisp mids and highs that work together rather than against each other for an overall sound that is warm and amazing. You can her all the vocals, the bass drum, the hi-hats, the fingers sliding across the fret board and every bit of detailed sound found in your music. Output range is incredible. I have it sitting in my garage so that I can rock out while I write things for you guys. My house is around 1,700 square feet, so it isn’t huge by any means, but sitting comfortably at about 3/4 volume I was advised ever so nicely by the wife in the back bedroom to turn it down. It will very easily push sound through out a large house, room or patio with ease. Just make sure the neighbors don’t mind.

What I love about the Wren V5PF

What don’t I love about the speaker would be a much shorter paragraph. The Wren V5PF out performs any speaker I have listened to both in sound quality and music projection. The four button controls on the speaker make using it simple and to the point. The design is stunning. It looks amazing no matter where you place the speaker in your home. Having the dual function of Play-Fi Wi-Fi connection via your Android device and the AUX in jack covers any product you have in your home easily. The additional USB charging port makes keeping your device charged while streaming a piece of cake.

What I don’t like about the Wren V5PF

I found it rather difficult to pick on the speaker in any fashion. It looks great, sounds great and works great. Since I do have to put my two cents in, the only thing I do wish it had was Bluetooth connectivity. While that doesn’t detour me from loving the unit, it does mean that any of your other devices that might not be Android products, that have Bluetooth audio abilities, will need to Hardwired in. Honestly though, if it did have Bluetooth, the sound quality would degrade slightly. The average user wouldn’t notice probably, but audiophiles would clearly pick up on it. Unlike the Phorus design, it also doesn’t offer a place for you place your phone or tablet while charging. Again, not a big deal. The only place that would be feasible is a rubber mat on the top, but that would take away the elegance and design of the speaker entirely.

If you have been looking for the Android AirPlay competitor that delivers superior sound at a fraction of the cost, the Wren V5PF is the speaker for you. It has everything you could want or need in a sound system that is easily run by your Android device. It starts conversations and when you hit play, people just go “WOW”. It is always the last speaker I show friends and family when they come to visit. Every single one of them want one.

Rating – 5/5 across the boards

As the old saying goes, “You get what you pay for,” this fits with it perfectly. If you are looking for mood music for your bedroom, this will do the trick, but unless you plan to use it often, it probably isn’t worth your money.  If you have an infinity for nice things that sound great, look stunning and delivers on every dollar you spend on it, this is perfect for you. The V5PF isn’t you dime a dozen streaming music speaker. It is an investment into your musical listening and enjoyment future. Why so much talk, because the Wren V5PF will set you bank account back $399. Not a typo, this is a $400 dollar speaker that is actually worth every dime you spend on it. It really is one the more high-end, high-priced speakers we have had grace our desk. For those Android connoisseurs out there that love to wow ‘the other half’ with amazing products, then you should check into this beautiful speaker as soon as you can.

You can find them directly through Wren Sound at their store. They offer free shipping in the U.S and Canada. You can also find them on Amazon as well. Those links are below. The first one being the Bamboo variety, like we have and the second is the Rosewood.


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