Widgets are an awesome little feature in the Android platform, but as our beloved OS gets better and better, when will we start seeing some awesome animated widgets? Well we will first start with this one.

NewsQuical is a nice little news ticker widget, that brings some life to your homescreen. It is kind of reminiscent of any of the news broadcasting station out there, that have current news tickering across the bottom of the screen. It is not anything super extravagant, but it is a step in the right direction.

Setting up the widget is easy. Once you find a spot for it, you will then be able to pick the news topic, background color, update frequency, and animation type. News topics include, World, U.S., Business  Tech, Entertainment, Sports, Science, Health, and Spotlight. You cannot mix the topics unfortunately  but you have more than one on your screen. Colors range from, black, white, blue, green, pink, and yellow. Each one of those colors has a translucent version as well, just to add a little flavor to it. You can also choose a transparent background if you are not in need of any more color on your homescreen. If you do not want the news to ticker across the screen, you have the option to choose the fade in animation type. Still fancy, but not as pleasing to the eye.

The main reason that animated widgets are tough to come by, is the fact of screen lag. I have gotten no screen lag from this widget. Only problems I have had, were sometimes the widget would just get stuck on the first news article. Rarely would happen though. Occasionally, it would have to reload as well, but I did not find it to be that much of a nuisance.

NewsQuical is free in the Play Store. If you are a widgethead like I am, I would highly suggest giving this widget a whirl. Hopefully we will be seeing more animated widgets in the future. Check out my review video of the widget below. Let us know wat you guys think about it.

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  • Hardy-infinity

    Thank you for reviewing my app!

    I’m a developer of NewsQuical!

    I’d like to make this app more useful.
    Please give me any suggestions on our facebook page if you have.

  • HarryTechIT

    This is seriously one cool app and I have to agree with you that there is no screen lag with this app. After all it is free and one should not complaint though :)