iron man 3

Iron Man 3 now has a case for the Samsung Galaxy S4. What makes this newsworthy, you ask? Oh nothing, other than the fact that it lights up with NFC! As stated by the manufacturer:

“With the big hit of the Iron Man 3 in this summer, the Anymode Marvel Comics designed the Iron Man Beam Case for the latest Samsung Galaxy S4. This stunning Iron Man Beam Case features a Glowing-Eye-And-Arc-Reactor by NFC technology, which amazingly lights up Iron Man’s eyes and arc reactor when communication established. If you are one of the Iron Man fans, don’t miss this coolest limited edition case!”

This case’s features are as follows:

  • Amazing Glowing Eye and Arc Reactor
  • Proximate Communication
  • Used NFC Technology
  • Iron Man Hard Case
  • Impressive Iron Man Print
  • Hard and Protective
  • Custom Made for Samsung Galaxy S4

I would be lying if I said that this did not make me want a Galaxy S4. As gimmick-driven as it may seem, this little evolution in cell phone accessorizing is sure to make your phone stand out among others. If you are an Iron Man fan with a Galaxy S4, then I say give it a try. The case costs $39.99, which some would consider sort of expensive for some plastic and LED lights with NFC. However, if you are willing to blow $20.00 at a mall kiosk for just the plastic, then I would consider this price very fair.

Below is the product video for the Iron Man Beam Case. If you like it, then proceed to the product page in the link below. Once you buy it, tell us your thoughts in the comments below, we would love to hear whether or not this was worth the money.


Iron Man Beam Case – $39.99

  • Amanda

    I bought this and I love it. Only downside is it’s super slippery so it literally slides out of your hands all the time. One unfortunate occasion was when I was laying down and dropped it on my face resulting in a bloody nose. Good times.For the amount of times it has fallen it hasn’t cracked yet. I get a lot of compliments on it :-)

    • Stephen Yuen

      Glad you like it @Amanda. I don’t think the case has anything to do with you dropping it though; I drop my Nexus 7 on my face all the time 😛 Or maybe I’m just clumsier…