HTC One Source Code

The HTC One has been S-OFF’d. A special thanks to a tip by developer extraordinaire and Team D.I.R.T. member Mazda. Android is totally getting cool points for this one.

The procedure, though tried by many and failed by just as many, was achieved by, a company that specializes in rooting phones and selling accessories. They posted a picture on their Facebook page:

htc one s-off

of their success. We applaud their feat, and hope to see this coming soon to an HTC One near you.

Let me go ahead and burst a couple of bubbles here though…

 You see, sells their services, at a pretty hefty price as well. To put it in perspective, root and a custom rom for the HTC Nexus One (Not the HTC One Xexus or some unreleased device, the original Nexus, people) costs $30.00, plus shipping I’m sure. Mind you, there are NO guides on how to do this at the moment, so that means that while takes your money for those who aren’t willing to wait, another developer (for the love of the Android community and not money, this time) will have to risk his device tooth and nail like MTV had to (although, seeing as how they are a company, a bricked device here and there is not that bad to them) in order for us to enjoy this luxury.

In my opinion, if you are willing to pay for S-OFF, you don’t deserve it. You don’t know what it’s like, sitting there purposely bricking your HTC device, praying to God that nothing goes wrong in the process and asking the Android Deities to have mercy on your technological soul. It’s like a greek organization, you didn’t go through our process, you didn’t share the experience, why should we turn the other cheek knowing that we risked $700 worth of technology (some of us uninsured through our carrier) to experience more while you payed like the rich kid on the block.

So, do I agree with MTV’s practices? No! However, I’m going to take the “Glass half full” approach and celebrate the fact that this is possible. May someone with true Android spirit come along and guide the path, without the fee involved. That isn’t to say that the Android community isn’t generous, so don’t be surprised if Paypal requests start showing up, it’s just a fact. We respect hard work, and some of us go so far as to reward it because we know the risk you took came from a genuine place.

So, HTC One S-OFF  isn’t for sale just yet (burns my fingers to even type that), but it should be very soon. For those of you who wish to use this service, be on the lookout.

All that I have said in this post, what do you think? Comment below.

Source: Mazda (Google+)
Source: Mobile Tech Videos (Facebook)

  • Jake

    “In my opinion, if you are willing to pay for S-OFF, you don’t deserve it.”

    The author is ignorant. Some devices, such as the latest firmware droid DNA, cannot be unlocked by any method other than JTAG. If you want to enjoy the features of an unlocked device, sometimes you HAVE to do JTAG. If you don’t own a JTAG riffbox, which usually costs upwards of $100, then the cheapest option to unlock is to send it to a professional.

    Whoever wrote this article needs to stop writing about tech.

    • Joe

      You call the author ignorant,yet you’re the one saying he’s not entitled to have an opinion.He clearly states ” In my opinion “. Everyone is entitled to an opinion about anything and everything and not everyone will agree with that opinion but to call some one ignorant because they don’t agree with your ” opinion ” is ,well, ignorant, in my opinion.

  • Android Alex

    Mazda us a douchebag that takes donations to buy a device and never develop for it.

    • http://XDA ADAM P

      U are very rite about that dude

  • Michael Avery

    Personally people that pay for this type of service are idiots, and just asking for something to go wrong, worst case leaving them with a $700 brick. Mazda developer extrordinaire??? Hardly… More like patch monkey extraordinaire…

  • timberwolf671

    This is the type breaking the spirit of whole Android community. Android was founded on the blood, sweat and tears of individual willing to work late into the night and then give their work away free. Then their are individuals like this that make it all amount money and what is in for me. I hope that one of the good folks on XDA find the exploit and give it away for no charge soon and they made nothing. And may the all Android demons find their way up this guys $+@($@+.

    • Robert542

      Hahahaha I couldn’t have said it better myself. This goes against everthing that is android. Actually I am surprised that HTC legal wouldnt go after these people for making a profit off this. I am sure that in someway shape or form they are using HTC’s software to perform this task.

      • carhauler1969

        Agreed, knowing HTC’s propensity for prosecuting those that leak their RUU’s for others to download.

        • Michael2014

          HTC Does not offer a s-off. They offer a free unlocked boatloader. This does do the same thing for the typical user. If someone sells a s-off method they are not using HTC’s RUU therefore they can’t be prosecuted or fined in any way as long as it’s developed without their soursecode given.