Paranod Android just gets better and better. Couple days ago, they posted an image of a Nexus 4, with what looked like a Chat Head located on its homescreen. Everyone started speculating that Paranoid Android was integrating some sort of Chat Head like feature within their new builds. Now a video has been released, showing off this feature, and they are calling it “HALO”. Prepare to wet your pants.

In the video, the guy has a beta version of a build that has this new HALO feature. He describes it best…GENIUS. Chat Heads is the only feature us Android Enthusiasts dug about Facebook Home, and Paranoid Android knew this. Now they decided to bring the Chat Head like concept to ALL of your notifications. Sexy.

Now remember when we posted a video last week about interacting with your notifications with a pop-up window? That is exactly what you can do with HALO. You can answer texts, Gmail, GTalk, FB messenger, etc., all through the HALO pop-up bubble without exiting the current app you are in. Innovation right here my friends. The Paranoid Android just knows what we want. Check out the video, let us know what you guys think.

Source: Droid-Life


  • Witchfinder Biffy

    Absolutely useless. Just reply in a pop up box or from notification bar. Complete pants from a pants custom Rom ream who have simply stolen facebooks idea and used a crap name. I’d expect it to be pulled when facebook finds out if they even care as it’s useless.

  • FILA

    Absolutely Amazing. Do whateva the hell ya want. This is pretty cool thou, no more going out of games to check a damn message. I see myself using this when it comes out. and damn that Nexus 4 is slick aint it! -drooling-

  • Tony

    When will this be available for non rooted users? This seems like a great feature!