Samsung Galaxy S4


Reports are coming in from users of Samsungs’ new flagship Galaxy S4 that the device is getting a little too warm for comfort.

It seems users of the Exynos Octa chipset variety are experiencing overheating issues, which is having a massive impact on battery life.

One user even went as far tracking the temperature on his Galaxy S4; getting 27°C when idle, 35°C when browsing or checking email, and 40°C when playing games!

Some are theorising it’s to do with the location of the Exynos Processor, being too close to the  radio and battery, compounding the heating problem.  Whatever the cause is, most are recommending you turn off bluetooth and GPS (unless currently being used), dim the screen, and put the phone into power saving mode to restrict the processor.

Hopefully Samsung will have a proper solution to this soon and we’ll update this post if we hear anything.


Source: XDA Developers Forum

  • Ickyboo

    My SGS1 used to hover 60C when playing games (dungeon defenders) and auto shutdown at 65C which happened quite often that I had to underclock the CPU and GPU

    My SGS2 hovered around 55-60C when playing games and didn’t shut down at all. Same goes for my SGS3.

    Some other people have reported SGS2 crashing or encountering a thermal shutoff after a certain point, so I braved the heat and stayed outside even longer using the device until it hit well over 140F (60C) and still no system shutdown or overheating happened. That’s not to say it isn’t possible, as the SGS2 clearly does have thermal monitoring, for example the following lines from dmesg suggest some thermal monitoring going on, though I definitely crossed these boundaries to no ill effects

    40C on the SGS4 doesn’t sound bad AT ALL and if anything sounds pretty damn impressive.

    • Nick

      I know, that’s exactly what I was thinking. 40 degrees Celsius is extremely impressive. I don’t know what the heck people are complaining about. In hot climates, smartphone reach 35-45 degrees consistently.

      • s1m0n

        I totally agree. 40°C is not a big deal at all. my moto razr used to go up to 50° easly. However, what I and most owner are worried about is that the screen and the back is getting highly hot, it even gets unconfortable to speak at this point which i never encountered with my moto and my gf SII (going up to 50)

  • John K

    Icky i think the thing to remember here is 40c on a thinner device can have more of an impact due to restriction on overall thermal design and how “close” everything ends up sitting together…. if its 40c and permeating quite a bit at the back of the case then it will feel quite hot to the user vs if it happens to dissipate a little before the case leaving the 60c potentially feeling cooler.

  • saeed

    I’m holding the galaxy s4 in my hand right now …. the processor heat we talk about is not normal at all weither u recharging the phone or not … it still hot from the back on the camera area … im living in Oman (so hot) … worried about the summer

  • Mike

    That would be 104 F for us USA users

  • Wiliam

    Some report say it will reach 58°C when playing 3D game.

  • Fayzan Ali

    Yes I have the same problem my galaxy s4 octa core gets really hot only using Internet or reading emails..I haven’t tried out playing games yet.. But during charging it gets super hot…I’m really worried about my new s4 after my s3 got attacked by sudden death syndrom and Samsung refused to replace that…



  • KryptosXLayer2

    This site should be called HTC Spin, since they’ll do anything to “spin” any tiny little detail about Samsung products into something they determine to be newsworthy – which they are not….

    You want to be unbiased? Go on XDA and look up all the crap talking HTC One owners are doing with their cheaply made phones, from the dents, the separations, etc, and write about them instead of trying to be slanderous towards Samsung! It’s a little much, folks, and I don’t know what HTC is paying you to display their logo in your videos and attempt to slam Samsung in your articles, but it’s quite obvious where your fanboy cards are registered at…….

    • Peter Costello

      Personally I’m a big fan of Samsung, I have a Galaxy S3, my girlfriend is getting a Galaxy Note, and I recommend them both to friends. The reason I wrote up this article is due to the iPhone having similar problems once, leading to exploding batteries. I think the health of our readers is more important than a few build quality/cosmetic issues. Maybe you should think of the potential ramifications of a problem before having a go at someone for writing an article.

    • Stormy Beach

      I personally own a the Samsung Galaxy S, Galaxy S II and a Galaxy S III. The author of this article has a Note and and another galaxy as well. I feel HTC has great physical hardware but lacks in software and improvements. Samsung tries to do thing differently. While I love all my Samsung devices and would never go HTC, I have experienced my SIII getting rather hot. After and exchange and a new battery even.

      In regards to the “HTC paying us” aspect of your comment, that is simply not true. We do everything we can to talk about the things that are important to us, and hopefully important to you guys. We are 100% ad based. We aren’t sell outs, no one owns us, no one dictates what we can or can not post. Every writer writes because they love Android in some way and fashion and loves to share their personal knowledge and experience. If we had the backing of a company that told us what to do, we wouldn’t be able to do half of what we talk about. We are a small team that just loves Android.

      Fan boy cards. HA. That is funny. David rocks HTC and loves them. I, hate them. Google Glass is cool, but not cool enough to make me desire it. Fan boy cards don’t play into effect here. I love HTC design, despise Motorola, love Samsung. It is different for everyone. Obviously your fan boy cards play into effect where you can’t take some simple information and gain some overall thoughts and knowledge about it.

  • Ahmed

    i have the same problem it gets really hot !!!

  • ironman3

    i did have the same problem with you. My new s4 is hot during charging and also hot at the charger plug. However, my note 2 is not when i put them charging together. I did compare both side by side. My note 2 is fine. What’s happening? Samsung please help…

  • Jacqueline

    I have only had my Galaxy S4 for 2 hours now, and it is so hot while it is charging. I called the Sprint store where I bought it from, and the salesman said that it is normal. Normal?? I don’t think so–it is REALLY HOT!! I pray I didn’t buy a dud!!

  • oliver f

    I am trying to use the camera with flash while charging and message is : Phone is too hot.
    YOu can’t use flash.

  • Mas bucho

    So I’m not alone :)
    Same with my s4,I’m worried because comparing to my galaxy s3.
    Samsung s4 is hotter

  • Katelyn Everdeen

    Sorry to interrupt all of you my galaxy S4 i9505 is not getting hot while charging, but playing games while charging gets my device hotter that can took up 35 degrees celsius, but charging NAHH does not overheat my device i think you bought a fake samsung 😀