Google Glass will be made available to the public sometime at the end of this year, and rumor has it that Google plans on launching stores specifically for the glasses. Watch out Sunglass Hut, Google might buy you out.

According to Business Insider, they have a source from the Google developing team that mentioned that Google is planning on having Google Glass stores. When asked, Google responded with, “we don’t plan to comment on rumor or speculation.”

Having stores strictly dedicated to Google Glass is a pretty good idea for the general public. People would be able to seek help from a representative to teach them how to use the glasses, and make sure they are completely set up to live their lives through the glasses. Let’s face it, the general public who are not as tech savvy as we are, might have some difficulties getting started with Glass, so having the option to visit a specific store might not be a bad idea. Let us know what you guys think about this.

Source: Business Insider

  • Tom Leykis

    Just my opinion, but I think Google is going to lose a boat load of money on Google glass.

    • David Pena

      Ya know what…I am going to have to concur with you on that notion.

  • FILA

    This would be a waste of money. Teaming up with BestBuy for a corner in the store would be better.

    • Simon Walker

      As long as Best Buy stay in business.. LOL

      • FILA

        I have abused Best Buys price match so many times, its not funny! Of course that cuts there profit, so yea, I can see because of people like me, they would close.