marvel unlimitedIf you’re a Marvel fan like me, you probably would have been incensed at the news that Marvel Unlimited, an app allowing you to peruse through over 70 years of Marvel Comics, was only launching on iOS about a month ago. Well, be angry no more because Marvel has sensed your tears and released the app for Android this week.

The app will allow you to preview every single issue in Marvel Unlimited’s library and there is also a healthy amount of free comics for you to have a look at and decide if you like the app. Buying into Marvel’s digital subscription for about $60 a year will net you access to its entire library. Excuse me while I retrieve my jaw from the floor.

marvel unlimited

Marvel says that it has included something called Smart Panels technology which will make reading the comics easier, and has also included the ability to read comics offline. That should help make those plane rides fly by like Superman. Wait…

The app is available now on Google Play, see the Play Store link below. Is this the Marvel app you’ve been waiting for? Let us know if you pick up the app.

Marvel Unlimited Play Store Link