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I am a huge sucker for Nerf guns. Something about pelting people with foam darts gives me immeasurable glee and my immense arsenal of Nerf guns (count: two) is testament to that. It was natural then that the Kickstarter campaign of Tek Recon would have caught my attention. And don’t worry, this story does actually have to do with Android.

Tek Recon’s project has made a splash the last few days with its Kickstarter aiming to bring the glee that comes with shooting opponents with non-lethal weapons combined with a mobile app that aims to enhance the entire games experience. The premise of the project is to manufacture plastic guns that launch harmless projectiles, much like laser tag, but gives you added depth to the experience by mounting your smartphone on the top of the gun. The Kickstarter plan is clear, the funds will contribute towards the three stages of the project:

  • Product: Tek Recon are designing the guns, the ammo, the flags and eyewear for the game. They are also designing accessories that will go with the game, like powerups, which are accessed through the mobile app.
  • App: The app aims to connect your device to the Tek Recon website and servers so that you can sync everything up, and finishing the app for game use
  • Promotion: Marketing and your standard promotion fanfare.

tek recon

Of particular note to us Android folk is the app that is going to be used in the game, for which there will be an Android version. From what we are told, the mobile app is going to give you the “video game”-type experience, i.e. with a heads-up display and scope, which is pretty darn cool, especially with multiple types of scoped vision and zoom. The app will also tailor your game experience to you: you’ll be able to create your own username and avatar, customize your loadout, will serve as your interface on the battlefield for modes like team battle and capture-the-flag, act as a radar, and also act as a radio to your teammates.

It’s not quite fully-fledged augmented reality, but it is a pretty cool use of mobile apps to enhance the otherwise pointless (but satisfying) process of launching projectiles at enemies. And the addition of the social aspect in the app does give you more opportunities for bragging rights, which is always nice. If you’re a kid at heart, have a look at the Kickstarter pitch video below and make your decision whether you want to pledge or not.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TJF25hOFWMI?rel=0&w=560&h=315]


Does this Kickstarter project tickle your fancy? Let us know below.

Source: Kickstarter


  • FILA

    Pretty cool, the only downside is the game support after its made