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After selling O2 back in 2002 to Telefonica for £18 million, BT (British Telecom) are looking to join the 4G party and return to the consumer mobile space.

After buying up £186.5 Million worth of 4G spectrum earlier this year, and signing a 10 year deal with O2 to help them rollout their own 4G network and provide additional support, BT are certainly well placed to make a come back.

They are looking to offer their own 4G service as part of an existing package with phone, broadband and TV, with it being highly likely they will launch their own mobile network within a year.  BT are also hoping to use the new 4G network to supplement its own Wifi network, with the intention of the Wifi network helping relieve some of the strain on the 4G network.

With 4G services still rolling out across the UK, and uptake being very slow, all the networks should have a decent shot of having a good share of the market, though with BT looking to take a slice for itself, the others had better be quick!

BT was the first to bring GPRS to the UK back in 2000, so for the communications giant to wade back into a market it has prior experience in should be interesting after a decade long break.


Source: The Verge