Twitter Security

In the wake of the various hacking stories of high profile Twitter accounts being hacked and abused, Twitter has begun the roll out of its new Two-Factor Authentication service.

Similar to Google’s Two-Factor Authentication, users will need to enter a 6 digit code, which is sent by SMS to the users verified mobile phone number to login to Twitter.  All currently authenticated apps will still function normally with Two-Factor enabled.  If you need to login to Twitter on another device or app, you will need to visit your Applications Page to generate a temporary password to authorise and authenticate the new app.

Personally I applaud Twitter for taking security seriously; given the number of stories of hacked high profile accounts and the popularity of the service.  Not to criticize but maybe hooking into Google’s Authenticator app like Dropbox and other services do would have been a better idea, as SMS does not work with every mobile plan, carrier and network.


Source: Twitter Blog

  • Braden

    This is great. However, Twitter will be likely to get sued. Also, they are a bit late to implement this. So basically, this move will make it harder to get to your account. How about those accounts maintained by more than 1 person?