dirty unicorns

Ever since the introduction of AOKP, then the boom of the PACman Roms, AOSP builds with a thousand features from different roms loaded into one has become somewhat of a… well, accepted practice, if not expected. It is the norm to expect an all inclusive rom on your device. Nothing wrong with that, it shows the beauty and evolution of Android’s most creative minds. However, seeing as how they are so status quo now, it kind of makes them boring, because someone filled a niche, and it went into overload. Well, that has changed thanks to Team D.I.R.T. with the introduction of the “Dirty Unicorns” Rom.

While this Rom falls under the all inclusive category, it rides in a lane of its own. Now as it’s bio states:

This ROM is based on the Android Open Kang Project (AOKP). This was original made out of pure boredom and for personal use. After sharing it with a few people, we decided to take it a step further and turn it into something special while still having fun. Since then we’ve decided to share this ROM with the community and have ported it over to several devices to include the EVO 3D, EVO LTE, Galaxy Nexus and the Nexus 4.

The list of features for this rom is beyond extensive. Now if you are familiar with the Team D.I.R.T. Jellybean AOKP Roms, the sheer awesomeness packed into Dirty Unicorns should be no surprise to you at all, I mean, let’s be honest, look who it’s coming from, quality is always a guarantee from these guys.

What makes this so great is that this team emphasizes under the hood tweaks to the limit. This includes maximum level overclocking, linaro built kernels, video and photo optimization tweaks, the whole nine. It really makes the fluidity and end user’s overall experience an amazing one. For those of you that want to know this extremely long list of features, they go as follows:

– Facebook Sync Hack
– Expanded desktop
– Notification icon opacity
– PIE along with PIE Control
– Dirt Settings (based off root-box)
– Vertical CRT, Option to turn CRT on/off
– Expanded Sound Option
– No reboot needed for UI changes
– Circle battery color changer
– Deskclock flip action alarm mod
– Transparent lockscreen
– Launcher settings tab
– Customizable Quick Settings
– Theme engine
– Customizable power menu
– Customizable lockscreen buttons and sliders
– SMS and missed call breathing notifications
– Enable/Modify Build.prop tweaks on the fly
– Dotted circle battery
– cLock clock Widget
– DashClock Widget
– Evervolv Widgets
– 24 Battery options
– Tablet UI and Phablet modes
– CM Powerwidget
– CM Profiles
– CM apps (Apollo, DSPManager, CMFileManager, etc)
– CM phone advanced settings
– CM changelog in settings
– Quick emoji button
– Media scanner mod
– Show Menu UI Overflow
– Power Menu options
– Lockscreen camera widget toggle on/off
– Screenshot delay options
– Multiple custom toggles (volume, dark & dirty, screenshot, etc)
Paranoidandroid lockscreen shortcuts
– SlimROMs notification shortcuts
– SlimROMs TRDS (built in theme in settings)
– Transparent Statusbar and NavBar Options
– Hardware keys remap mod
– Status Bar Auto-Hide option
– Gingerbread style Recents option
– Per App Settings / Hybrid Settings
– Permissions Management
– App Sidebar MOD

Pretty good. Now I know that there are people out there that are saying that this isn’t extraordinary, but take it from a guy who has first hand experience of the standard that these guys put into their work. You haven’t tested a rom to you load one of these up.

From what I have seen so far, this rom is available on the HTC One (T-Mobile), Nexus 4, Galaxy Nexus, Evo 4G LTE and Evo 3D, each with it’s own set of little issues. Another thing to note about D.I.R.T. though, they never let an issue linger for too long, their roms are typically stable within a couple of weeks or so as they claw away at every issue present.

Conclusively, these are great roms people. I am proud to introduce to the Android world the wonder that is Dirty Unicorns. The Rom is Android 4.2.2, and it is chock full of wonderful little features. Go try it out for yourself if it’s available on your device, and tell us what you think in the comments below.

Source: Team D.I.R.T. Website

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  • TommyTruthful

    Too bad this rom is a STRAIGHT KANG of PACman. What a patch monkey douche move mazdaCOCKrider.

  • hornswallow

    this is a straight up kang of the pacman rom, nothing more. where’s your integrity. team DIRT nap is well known for never finishing what they start. wake up and stop drinking the DIRTy koolaid.

  • http://pac-rom.com/index.html Papa Smurf151

    As an official member of PAC-man roms I would like to congratulate you on all your success and for the great work you and your team have accomplished. We at PAC-roms do not condone any of the trolling above and everything we do is open source and free for all to use even if you haven’t used any of our code feel free to look it over.

    • Mingo Allen II

      I understand man, and everyone is entitled to their opinions so it’s nothing to gripe about on my end. I just know that when I had my 3vo (And I remember your name because you’re a mod in the 3vo forums on XDA, or was when I was there), this was one of the best roms hands down! Also, I didn’t know that you were a part of PACman though, learn something new everyday I guess. 🙂