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Innovation in Gaming Comes in XML Form

Hello fellow Androids and Androidettes.  How you are?  It’s been a while.

Today, I come with a new innovation in gaming, and XML based game construction company that allows you to create your own levels as you progress through a game.  You ever come to the end of a game you paid, say…2 bucks for and then…BLAH.  You have nada but a game you can kill the data on and start over, but alas, when you complete it again the cycle must start over.  After a few times through the novelty wears off and you delete it out of either frustration or exasperation and wonder why you spent the two bucks on a dead end.  I know many of us have been there, but now we have the chance to change this, to end the vicious circle.  Enter XML Games.

XML Games is a company that has been started by two 2nd year BSc Computer Games students, and they are looking for a little backing.  They’ve started a KickStarter page to try and drum up some funding, because as you know, college students are not known for having a lot of money…ramen soup and microwave cooking at its finest, lol.

These two students have created an idea where the game doesn’t have to end just because you reach the “final” level.

“This was dreamed up due to the lack of games on the market that allow the actual players to design and build their own levels.”

Here is a little of what the authors of the idea have to say about their venture and their vision, check it out:

Many games such as puzzles, platformers, and racing genres feature levels which allow players to progress through the game. This instantly limits the time a player will play, once they have completed all the levels what is the point in playing anymore? What more have players got to do to allow progression?

XML Games aims to allow the players themselves to easily and quickly create new game levels using a predefined set of XML tags. Coupled with an XML web platform, players can view and share each other’s levels online, unlocking the possibility of endless new and unique game play!
Using XML to design levels allows for us as the developers to make the levels and games completely cross platform. This opens players to an ever growing range of different levels all of which can be designed by anyone on any platform.

Each new ‘base game’ the team build will be completely open source and will feature its own story and scenario, which makes them immersive, enjoyable and customizable games.

This will also provide samples for players to work from, with the hope that it’ll bring out everyone’s creating side, and show players the potential of XML Games customizability.

Once you have made your levels, they can be shared on the XML Games website community. Allowing anyone to browse and download to play. The hope here is that users can head onto their PC, code their own levels with the help of our handy guide, and then head onto their phone, and download their own level!

With the ending of Flash support by Adobe for the mobile platform, XML seems to be the way to go.  While this is still a burgeoning idea and seeking to finds its place in our Android world, this group from XML Games seems to be on point and are bringing something pretty fresh to the platform we have all come to love.

If you like this idea and want to contribute to make this companies dream come true, there is a website set up on the KickStarter site where you can contribute to their efforts and help make their dreams a reality.  Here is where you can go to push this idea into a reality:

XML Games KickStarter Page

If you’re wondering where you donation will go or what it will be used for (if you decide to donate), here is a list of what the group plans on using the much needed funds for:

Programming – These will help build the games for each platform. They will also offer support to as many platforms as possible on launch (see stretch goals below). The current plan is to start with Android and release 2 base games onto the mobile market.

Art – Who else is going to design the artwork for the game? The team hope to be able to provide an artist who will help with developing some great graphics which will make our mobile games look both awesome and unique!

Design – The designer will work with the programmers and artists to help with the production of new concepts and ideas. The designer will also help with promotional activities and the planning for the project. All of which is key to its success.

If enough money is raised the team hope to expand the current XML Games team in all areas and produce a wider range of games across a wider range of platforms

xml games

The team has a range of stretch goals that the team feels are more than reachable and with your help will really make the project stand out at launch.

£3000 – The team will be able to upgrade the server ready for launch, and include at least 1 of the games as a web version.

£4000 – The team will plan to have a third launch title added, this being Crazy Racer, which is a 2D top-down view racing game (more info below).

£5000 – Here the team can hire an iOS developer and build iOS versions of at least 1 of the titles for launch.

£10000 – All 3 titles will be available on Android, iOS and as web games at launch!

£15000 – GUI Level Builder development, this is where it really gets interesting! Sure building levels in XML will be REALLY easy, but what if you could build them and see how they look as you build them? If the team can raise £15000 then the hope will be that at launch, the GUI Level Builder will be available for download. The idea is for it to be available on Windows, OSX and Linux. It will allow players to build levels without having to write any code, a simple drag and drop system will be implemented, which will allow for players to see their levels as they make them.

These stretch goals may well change depending on ideas from other people. However, they should provide a good idea of what the team hopes to achieve.

Check out the KickStarter page they have set up and see if this is something you can get on board with, if so awesome, I know they will appreciate the support immensely.  So lets keep our eyes peeled and see what comes from this dedicated, innovative group of developers and watch for them to make their mark on our beloved platform.

Help these guys out and watch the game…never end…