htc butterfly sRumours coming from ePrice suggest that there may be a successor to the HTC Butterfly (that’s the HTC Droid DNA for some of you) called the HTC Butterfly S likely coming this month. That phone was released in Asia initially before entering the U.S. and the Butterfly S would likely follow that trend, if it even reaches the U.S. at all.

The rumour links the so-called Butterfly S with a Snapdragon CPU, more likely to be of the 800 variety rather than the 600, and course some of HTC‘s newer propriety gadgets like Sense 5.0 and their 4 mega-pixel “UltraPixel” camera.

If this is to be believed, then HTC appears to be pushing quite hard in the Asian market while it scrambles to meet and continue its impressive HTC One sales around the world.

Would you be interested in a HTC Butterfly S? Let us know in the comments.

Source: ePrice via Phandroid

  • FILA

    Boy HTC doesnt stick with a name scheme do they. Last year the One S was the lower end of the X. This year the S is a higher end of the One?

  • Hoang

    this month? still not see any…some other rummors said that July?

    • Stephen Yuen

      It’s definitely looking more like a July release now.