Samsung Galaxy Nexus
Everyone was hopeful for two announcements to come from Google I/O that just didn’t happen. First being a new Nexus device and second being Android 4.3. In some ways a new Nexus device was sort of announced. You know, the Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Experience device. While it didn’t have the Nexus title, it is pretty much a nexus phone. Then came the HTC One Google Edition and soon to be the Sony Xperia Z Google Edition. While not exactly what the people were looking for at the time, it is what it is.

Next was the absence of Android 4.3. While still being dubbed Jelly Bean, it is supposedly the next iteration of Android and one we are all looking forward to hearing about. In recent weeks there has been a few current Nexus devices passing back through the Bluetooth SIG for re-certification. The most recent device to get a thumbs up was the GT-I9250, which is the Galaxy Nexus. While there isn’t any concrete evidence as to why they are going back through certification, it is quite possible that it is due to a pending update that will change the way the current Bluetooth in the devices are used. Meaning that they need to be re-certified before an update can be pushed out.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus Bluetooth SIG
With various Nexus devices getting re-re-certified, images and videos of Android 4.3 floating about and talks of the HTC One Google Edition getting an update to Android 4.3 weeks after it is launched, that should mean the new iteration of Android is fast approaching.

Via AndroidAuthority

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