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Yesterday was packed full of press events prior to the doors opening today at noon for E3. Quite a few companies took to the stage to give the press the previews of upcoming releases in both the physical unit world and with some previews of upcoming games. Of course Gameloft is currently at E3 and we are expecting a few great looks and hopefully a little play time with some upcoming games. Modern Combat 5 being one of them, but also the more recently showcasing of the new Asphalt game in their series.

Asphalt 8: Airborne has made an appearance on the Gameloft blog today. Loaded with a teaser trailer and some amazing looking stills of the game. Gameloft out lines some details about the game as well. It will be coming out this summer and be just $0.99. That is a perk for sure. Now if it has IAP’s or not is yet to be seen. Asphalt 8 will have 8 new maps from the Nevada Desert to the city streets of London and a bonus revamped Monaco track from Asphalt 7. You can see in the video that the new A8 tracks environments impact each race. i.e. Snow, dirt and rain.

Asphalt 8 Airborn  Image Gameplay Asphalt 8 Airborn  Image Gameplay
It doesn’t seem to stop there either. They talk about  both synchronous and asynchronous multiplayer action. Takedown mode is staying put, and two new multiplayer modes will make an appearance. One being Gate Drift, which will challenge you to drift through multiple gates to earn points. The other is Infected, which is like a game of tag. Chase down your buddy and infect him by running into his, or her, car. You better be quick and a good a driver, you only have 20 seconds to pass the infection along to regain your health or you are eliminated.

As the game’s name might suggest, A8 is going to be packed with some insane death-defying jumps and stunts. It looks like it should be a great title. Take a look at the video and see for yourself.


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