Angry Birds Star Wars update
It is just a little funny that I haven’t picked up my phone and played Angry Birds Star Wars in what seems like months. Then yesterday I went through and started snagging a few extra stars on a few levels. Now I see a new update to the game has just been released to the Play Store. In today’s update you gain 20 new levels in the Cloud City to conquer along with the new Lando bird.

The Lando bird Has a laser that shoots three laser shots in a pitch fork style way. Some of the new power-ups include an egg that duplicated the bird in the slingshot for and extra shot at victory. A laser firing helmet kind of droid. A droppable bomb egg droid and a mega powerful slingshot for those long distance shots. There also seems to be a new Daily Rewards system in place as well to help you get extra goodies for your gaming habits.


Head to the Play Store to pick up your update and check it out. If you need short cuts, or need to re-install it again, hit the links below.

Angry Birds Star Wars Play Store Link

Angry Birds Star Wars HD Play Store Link