hauwei emotion ui


Okay so maybe Huawei phones aren’t the best phones on the market, and definitely not on the average consumer’s wishlist when they run sort of in the same [no contract] price range as a phone in the Samsung Galaxy or HTC One Series. However one thing that all Android users alike share is that everyone has a favorite UI.

We have Vanilla Android (Cyanogenmod, “Google Edition” UI), Sense (HTC), Touchwiz (Samsung), the list goes on and on. However, what about the UI’s of lesser known phones? Well that’s what we are here to answer. While scouring the XDA Forums, I stumbled upon an interesting find that I think some of you will find appealing.

Introducing Emotion UI by Huawei. It puts you in the mind of Touchwiz meets MIUI with Sony Xperia icons. Thanks to XDA Forum member GalaxyUser, some of the Emotion UI apps have been ported for the general public to use on your phone. Now based on some Google searches, the Huawei Ascend D2, one of Huawei’s phones sporting the Emotion UI, is Jellybean 4.1, so I do not know if this is ICS compatible or not as it doesn’t directly state it in the post. Nonetheless, don’t let that stop you, go and give it a try.

The list of apps includes the home launcher, camera and gallery, DLNA, File Manager with 16 GB free cloud storage (how about that!), Meteo (weather app), note, music player, wallpaper changer, weather live wallpaper, profile changer, keyboard, security guard and handwriting, which is a cool little widget that lets you write with your finger.

So if you want to try, head over to the XDA post titled “[APPS] Huawei | Emotion UI” and download the apps to give them a try.

  • Awdahelwidit

    Can’t knock Hauwei too much…their more recent handsets have been of better quality than larger names like LG. Not saying they are coming near Sammy or HTC’s flagships, but they are not to be slept on to the degree they once were.

    What I have found is that Hauwei tends to put almost as much effort into their low/mid devices as they do with their top offering. Unfortunately I can’t say the same of the big dogs who only tend to offer quality with their flagships.

  • joytest

    It’s HUAWEI, not Hauwei.