Google+ will be receiving some changes over the next few days, “first on Android and the web, then on iOS.”

Some of the biggest changes involve updates to notifications. Cross-platform notification compatibility, an updated notifications tray and a new notification bell were a few of the updates mentioned by Senior Vice President, Engineering for Google Vic Gundotra in a blog post.

While we wait for the notification updates, a new Google+ Android app will include additional changes.

Updates to the app include:

  • Automatically updated content when the app is started
  • Bug fixes
  • The ability to delete photos from the Photos view
  • Posts show the number of +1’s, comments and reshares
  • Menu design “is now more consistent with other Google apps”

Notification updates will be showing up over the next few days, but you can download the newest edition of Google+ from the Google Play store now.

Source: Google+ Blog