Google Play Music Update
Google Play Music has received a nice update today. Moving it to version 5.0.1052J. It still looks the same as before and offers you the All Access stuff. Which, by the way, your 30 day trial might be coming to a close soon.

This latest update is aiming to address some concerns user have been having about data usage. Obviously streaming music uses data if you are on the go. For those on lower level data plans, that can cause quite an issue. Google has added a new setting to Play Music that now allows you to control the quality of the streaming music over your mobile network. Happily named  “Mobile networks stream quality”. You can now change the settings from Low, Normal or High. Low being intended for on the go listening over your carrier if you have data limits and caps in place on your account. If you are on a new unlimited plan, or a grandfathered one, then you can feel free to hit the High quality streams and rack up those Gigabytes.

Google Play Music update Google Play Music update
Mixed in with the update is also an improvement to downloading the music to your device along with search quality improvements.

Not a bad update at all. You know how to get into the Play Store and update your apps, right? If you don’t feel like going the LONG way, you can click the link below and pop straight to Google Play Music. While it is showing as updated today in the online Play Store, not all my devices are seeing it just yet. I wonder if they are using their staged roll out update process on this too. If you are just as impatient as i was, hit the APK links down below for the latest version.

Google Play Music Play Store Link

Google Play Music Manual APK

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