HTC One Amazon Sale
If you haven’t pulled the trigger on picking up a new HTC One, tomorrow just might be your lucky day. Amazon is having a One-Day-Sale on the new flagship device on Sprint and AT&T. You will have just 24-hours to either start a new account, or upgrade your exiting line, for a great price. Here are the specific details.


The HTC One, in both the Silver and Black colors will be available for new customers who sign a two-year contract for just $79.99. If you happen to be eligible for an upgrade, the price goes up just a little to $99.99. Either way you look at it, that is one heck of a deal. Click the color preference of your choice below for the Spring HTC One of your choice.


Guess what? The same deal applies here too. Snag a new HTC One for a new account for $79.99. Both color options are available. If you are eligible to upgrade, then you can get either one for just $99.99. Again, hit either link below and get your orders placed.

Any of you guys going to pull the trigger and get yourself a new HTC One? Remember, this sale doesn’t start until June 14th. So get those F5 finger pushing buttons ready later tonight.