It is pretty apparent that there is a whole lot of behind the scenes action underway inside Google. Talks of Android 4.3 being more Jelly Bean goodness. Other talks of Android 5.0 being Key Lime Pie and just about every device in between seeing various versions in testing, in supposed screenshots and on various rumored devices. It can be a bit over whelming and a bit exciting all at the same time.

There are some definite’s that we can rely on though. Google will continue to develop Android for a very long time. There is no doubt that there is an Android 4.3 and an Android 5.0. They are probably working on 6.0 and 7.0 already behind closed doors. none of it would surprise me in the slightest. There are things that I wish we could see though. Like what they heck any of it looks like. Wouldn’t it be great if Google kept update images or videos of test builds available? i mean, it is open source, so why not. Yes, I know it is to protect intellectual property and make sure other OS creators don’t hijack an idea before it is announced. I am just saying in a perfect world, we could watch the process and the ideas come to life.

Since we can’t watch Google and see the goods before hand, then we have to turn to the amazing works of others. Taking ques from currently released apps, design elements of their widgets and the trending path of previous updates, we have what would make one heck of a sweet looking UI on a Google device.

Google Key Lime Pie Concepts
Quite pretty don’t you think? Looks like the icons are taking the more flat looking approach, which is very clean and to the point. The concept artist made the notification bar a little more transparent and the various Google widgets are a little more transparent as well. I really dig the look of the search widget too.

Don’t be jumping up and down for joy just yet though. As mentioned a few times, this is just one persons concept idea of what Key Lime Pie COULD or SHOULD look like. Want a little bit more? Here you go.

Key Lime Pie concepts for Android
I am sure there are plenty of themes and icon packs out there that could achieve a look just like this. Be sure to swing by +Jinesh Shah’s Google Plus page and tell him how awesome this looks.

via AndroidHeadlines

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  • Jenn

    I quite like the look of that. I’d love it if the next update made the main apps icon stay in the centre of the dock bar at the bottom as currently this is driving me insane when I put other icons in the dock. I love Android, would take an awful lot to make me even vaguely consider a different mobile OS

    • Stormy Beach

      ?? A bit confused on the icon statement. What device are you on? Rooted? ROM’d? Custom Launcher?