humble bundle

I think it’s safe to say that we are all familiar with Humble Bundle, the name-your-price services where you pay what you want for a bundle of games, and if you pay enough you another cool, equally as awesome game. The best part about this, your money goes to the developers and charity, so for once in your life, that obsession that your mom said was counterproductive is actually going towards a worthy cause

Well we got news this week that the Humble side of the woods is hosting some good Android titles and some even better “free-with-your-purchase” items. The games this week are as follows:

Anomaly Warzone Earth Mobile Campaign ($3.99 on Play Store)
Sleepwalker’s Journey ($0.99 on Play Store)
Funky Smugglers ($0.99 on Play Store)

And for those that go that extra mile financially:

Anomaly Warzone Korea ($3.99 on Play Store)

That seems like a total steal right? Right! That’s not all though. With your purchase, you get a source file that allows you to make a 3D Print figure of the Anomaly 2 Mech figure, and if you need more than that, you also get one desktop wallpaper for each game in your bundle. Pretty sweet, right?

So what are you waiting for, go pledge some cash and get an awesome deal, remember that all your proceeds go to charities and developers, so you aren’t just dumping your hard earned dividends into a money pit. Are you going to buy? Tell us in the comments below!

Humble Bundle