Minuum keyboard project
Back in March and April, David showed us all a pretty slick-looking alternative keyboard called Minuum. The company launched an IndieGoGo campaign and it didn’t take long for them to get fully funded to bring a completely new way to input text on Android. They promised their backers a beta release of the application sometime in June. It is now June and we are hearing that they will be delivering on that promise early next week.

The guys at MobileSyrup have a pretty good hands on demo of how the whole thing works. It really is a super amazing looking keyboard.


What do you guys think? I think it will be pretty amazing, especially if the developer kits take hold and the community starts to make typing just on your screen a thing of the past. Of course we haven’t gotten our hands on the application just yet, so we can’t vouch for how accurate it is. With the early backers getting betas next week, that should mean that the public beta should be out sometime in July or August. We hope those backers do their work and help make it a great alternative keyboard choice.

Source: MobileSyrup