T-Mobile UNcarrier Phase 2
Little do us little peons know that T-Mobiles whole UNcarrier plans go beyond what you see today. There are phase 2 and phase 3 plans in the works that will help push the whole new image a bit further. Phase 2 is rumored to bring a new postpaid plan to the carrier that wouldn’t have a credit check requirement. Basically prepaid service without the option for EIP on devices. To break it down even further, that means you would pay full price for the device. Not surprising for a prepaid service.

In real world situations, this isn’t that bad of an idea. Every time you run your credit, you take a hit. If you already know your credit score is well below any acceptable level, then taking another few points off of it isn’t the smartest idea. I should know, I am like 500. I can’t even get an Old Navy card.

Other details of the Phase 2 plans are aimed to coincide with a launch internally known as “Apollo 15. No, not a space shuttle. Apollo 15 is paired up with MetroPCS and their launch of 15 new markets. The news of 15 new markets with MetroPCS isn’t new news. It has been confirmed by MetroPCS and T-Mobile in the past.

Things are on the rise for T-Mobile. It is nice to see options and see them continue to be different then the other major 3 carriers in the U.S.

How are guys feeling about T-Mobile lately? Has their new approached afforded you better options and lower bills? Did you make the switch after they made all these changes?

Source: TmoNews

  • NOYB

    “Has their new approached afforded you better options and lower bills? Did you make the switch after they made all these changes?” A very emphatic yes to both questions!!!

  • FILA

    They wont even give you a store savings card stormy, your credit score so low. lol. im just messing around. We need more pre-paid data for the money, and the official launch of some more LTE networks. Seeing so many pop up here and there but no idea whats going on with them.

  • sothardw

    I’m contract free on my family plan with Verizon come November. I hate making the change right before Christmas, but it is going to happen. Get away from Verizon and onto T-mo. Not sure if I should just sell my S3 off when I make the change or just go through the process to make it work with T-mo and wait on LTE or what…

    • http://www.androidspin.com Stormy Beach

      Well, it won’t work on Tmo since Verizon is CDMA and T-Mobile is GSM. So yo will need a new GSM device. You could sell it to fund your next phone, probably S4, or you could keep it and use it for gaming, movies and streaming on Wi-Fi. That is what I would do. Having a second spare phone makes like and testing and tinkering so much easier and more fun.

      • sothardw

        Bummer, I thought since it was a world phone it would work. I thought I saw a project on xda where people were taking d2vzw’s and putting then on T-mo. Oh well… I want to snag up a nexus or pure android phone. Gotta continue to rock vanilla android!