I’m a big fan of the Saga Lifelogging app, and recently Saga has received an update that adds some pretty cool functionality to its ever expanding repertoire of features. You can import your calendars, and see the events you planned to do along side what you actually did.

This is pretty cool, as it allows you get a more comprehensive break down of where you were, what you were doing, and why you missed stuff (just don’t let the wife see if you missed her birthday to go to a strip bar!)

Saga Calendars 2 Saga Calendars 1

You can activate the new features after downloading the update from the “Me” menu, and choosing which calendars to import.

More and more features are on their way to Saga, making it a complete Quantified Self application, and I’m looking to seeing what comes next!

The updated Saga is available in the Play Store now!

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