HTC One Mini Black
Yes, more HTC One Mini details. The more snippets of details emerge, the closer to launch it mush be. A new UAProf (User Agent Profile) is now making the rounds. This is where a person find out some nitty-gritty details about a device. Inside the land of code, there are a few things that cam be verified. Most notable is the screen resolution, 1280×720, aka 720p. At least that is definite now.

The UAProf also shows Android 4.2. Now I am not a UAProf expert, but word around is it is Android 4.2.2. Possibly the UAProf doesn’t add the extra .2 in. I am not certain. It does list the device at the HTC One mini, a no brainer really at this point. The rest of it is gibberish to me, but I don’t see anything else that jumps out at me towards the processor, memory or anything else.

HTC One Mini UAProf
The remaining rumors of the device sporting a Qualcomm 400 processor, 2GB of RAM and 16GB internal storage are still just talks, but most likely true. While nothing is official from HTC yet, we are still hoping that an August launch is the target.

Feel free to poke around the UAProf and see if you find anything else compelling.

Via AndroidAuthority