cygnett fitgripYou may have seen our review of some of Cygnett’s new Samsung Galaxy S4 cases last month; the UrbanShield, Cache and WorkMate Evolution were very good cases in their own right with their own effective nuances for their intended uses. Enter the FitGrip case for the Galaxy S4, a new case from Cygnett designed for users of the active persuasion.

In the FitGrip’s box, you’ll find all the Cygnett staples: the case of course, a screen protector, a small swipe card for applying the protector, a Cygnett branded cleaning cloth, instructions for applying the screen protector and Cygnett’s life-time warranty notice. Pretty much all you’ll need for your new Galaxy S4, or just starting over with a new case.

cygnett fitgripThe FitGrip is a dual-material case, constructed from polycarbonate (PC) and thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) making it very durable and solid. If anything, the case almost feels too solid and stiff, but that’s probably what you’d want in a case designed for active lifestyles, and there is enough give to squeeze your S4 into the case. Apart from the lime in this review, the FitGrip also comes in a whole range of colours including white, ‘Pop Pink’, ‘Cobalt Blue’ and black.

Being that the FitGrip is designed for active users, it incorporates a hourglass design to make it easier to keep a firm grip on your precious S4. Conveniently, this design also gives the case more padding at the corners which would be a huge buffer if you were to accidentally drop your phone while exercising.

cygnett fitgripThe S4 fits very snugly inside the FitGrip, leaving very little free space for movement. The hold and volume buttons are covered by inserts built into the case. They felt a little difficult to press, though this was only tested on a dummy phone. The speaker, camera and headphone jack are all recessed within the case, giving ample protection from inadvertent damage and the front of the FitGrip is raised slightly to give the screen a bit more protection; though, it probably won’t be able to sustain as much damage as the WorkMate Evolution.

cygnett fitgrip

cygnett fitgripNot that the name of the case would have given it away already, but the FitGrip really is great to hold in your hand. That might sound unusual, but there is something definitely right about the way this case is shaped. I do have quite a big peeve with the case; the glossy, bright coloured case backing might be eye catching, but it is a dust magnet and looks like it could eventually sustain some scratching to that glossy cover.

The Cygnett FitGrip is a great case overall. It will dutifully protect your Galaxy S4 through most anything you can do while exercising and its ergonomic design is great. It is an incredibly sturdy case, and for MSRP $29.99 USD/RRP $34.95 AUD, it’s a premium quality case for a fair price.

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Case: Cygnett FitGrip

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Price: MSRP $29.99 USD/RRP $34.95 AUD


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