Whether it be apps, wallpapers, icons or entire themes, theming has always been popular with Androidians. We’ve featured many theming-related posts in the past and they’ve always been heavy hitters. Just to illustrate this point, here’s some themers’ prior work that’s been at AndroidSPIN:

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Well, these articles all feature members of an elite group of themers known as Team Blackout whose work has been tried and proven to be top-notch, just look at all of those links and the quality of their work. Team Blackout is a group of 19 themers who say collectively, “Our goal is to offer the biggest list ever of Blacked Out and Clear apps for you all to enjoy for generations to come!” In the past, if you ever wanted to install themed apps, you’d have to download and install or flash them one by one from a site or sites and have to constantly check if there was a themed app update after an official update was made through the Play Store. It was a hassle and often you’d be running older themed apps because you forgot to check for newer versions or you’d update your apps and override your themed ones for plain-Jane standard ones inadvertently.

Thanks to Team Blackout, you can check, install, or flash their latest themed apps all from one place and be up to date without any hassles. This is made possible through their Blackout Updater app which has all of Team Blackout’s themed apps listed and updates them as new ones are released. They’re grouped in the categories of Blacked Out, Cleared Out, Black Themed Colors, and Clear Themed Colors, and additional to the apps there’s Wallpapers and Color Wallpapers categories as well. The app works in very straightforward manner, look for the app you want, click download, and then install. Certain apps such as the Play Store, which require flashing in recovery rather than sideload installing, are done with a single click after a download. I’ve tried using the Blackout Updater to install apps with both methods and it worked flawlessly, in fact, flashing is done so quickly you don’t even see it enter recovery and is as painless as a full reboot.

To get the Blackout Updater, you’ll have to go to Team Blackout’s site HERE. It has to be sideloadeded as an APK. Please note that it also requires root, so if you’re unrooted, you’re out of luck unfortunately. Unrooted users will be able to install themed apps the old way (at least ones that don’t require root or recovery flashing) from Team Blackout’s themed app list HERE, they just won’t be able to get them via the Blackout Updater. I found the Blackout Updater to work great, let us know and @TeamBlackoutapp how the Blackout Updater works for you and how awesome Team Blackout’s themed apps are.

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