glove phoneEver wanted to do away with those blasted Bluetooth headsets because they feel unnatural and unwieldy? Well, Sean Miles of Designworks may have a solution for you. Given the chance to designed whatever he wanted, Miles made this concept glove phone which allows you to answer phone calls all from your glove. The glove phone is essentially made up of a Bluetooth headset with the mic positioned in the little finger of the glove, and the speaker housed in the glove’s thumb.

This is quite a cool idea for the colder seasons as you’ll be able to answer your phone calls without ever taking off your gloves or worrying about whether your phone works with your gloves or not. Miles goes on to say in his interview with the BBC that “we were focusing on bringing together a technology and everyday item that would allow you to get on with your life, without interfering with performing its everyday task”, which is an idea I thoroughly applaud.

Just imagine the future if our clothing could be used as functional technology too. Would you considering getting a glove phone if it were to become a commercial reality? Let us know what you think in the comments.

Source: BBC via CNET Australia

  • Joey

    This does not solve the problem that bluetooth does, which is having your hands free! Duh.

  • FILA

    These have been around for about 10 years now, little bit longer. Its stupid, it would never catch on, and serious hand cramps would occur

  • matthew

    It is just a fancy tool, nothing new