Zynga And iNIS Team Up To Bring You Eden To Green On Android


eden to greenWondering why Zynga‘s been so quietly lately? That’s because they’ve been working with a developer called iNIS to bring you Eden to Green, a game that looks suspiciously like Plants vs Zombies. Some of you might recognise the name iNIS and that’s probably because you own a Nintendo DS and a certain hit game called Elite Beat Agents.

And so it happened that the planets aligned and iNIS teamed up with Zynga to bring us this new tower defence game on Android. It features the well loved tower defence gameplay of “plants versus comic machines” and features over 70 maps, over 40 plants and trees to control and some social features so that you can play with and involve your friends.

One big bonus is that Eden to Green is free-to-play with IAPs if you can’t stand the grind during the game. Eden to Green is out now for Android devices, however there is a line in the features that states that it is “optimized for Tegra devices”. I’ve confirmed this in part as I’ve only been able to download the game onto my Nexus 7, so it might be that this will only be playable on Tegra devices. Shame…

Let us know if you pick it up and share your opinions of it in the comments below.

Source: VG247


Game: Eden to Green

Play Store Link

Price: Free

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