gamepop miniYou might have heard about a new Android gaming console coming to us courtesy of Bluestacks, called GamePop. The subscription-based GamePop is scheduled to release very soon, and is the pre-order cost of the console itself (normally $129) has been waived for the rest of this month, so if you don’t mind being locked into a $6.99/month plan for a year that allows you to access 500 games at a minimum, then you better get on it. Today, Bluestacks has announced that they will be making another Android console option called the GamePop Mini that will be available at no cost besides the subscription fee.

The GamePop Mini will also come with the same library of games, Android 4.2 like its big brother and is of course free. Bluestacks has been very silent regarding the hardware of the GamePop and has still been coy about the innards of the GamePop Mini, but assures everyone that the Mini will still be able to play all the apps and games available in their library. To add to that burgeoning list of games, Bluestacks also recently announced that they would be bringing some iOS games and apps to the GamePop with the virtualization tech known as Looking Glass. If it didn’t look attractive already…

The GamePop Mini definitely sounds like a great little game console and Bluestacks’ subscription plan is intriguing to say the least. However, there are a few things that would stop be pre-ordering the Mini straight off when it becomes available for pre-order on July 1st.

First at $129, I can’t imagine the GamePop would have a Tegra 4 chip in it, so it would likely have a Tegra 3 or chip of similar capabilities; if that’s the case, then what would be in the GamePop Mini? Some games struggle on the Tegra 3 in my Nexus 7 so I’m not entirely sure how well the Mini would shape up to that. And secondly, essentially, the subscription fees are for access to Bluestacks’ library  of games, so if most people were to choose between the free GamePop Mini and the $129 fully-fledged GamePop, why wouldn’t they get the free Mini everytime; what aren’t we getting with Mini that costs $129? Unless Looking Glass and a significantly more powerful chip is exclusive to the GamePop, I can’t really see why you wouldn’t go with the Mini if you were tossing up between the two. And that’s before you have a look at some of the other Android console options…

These questions primarily relate to the hardware of both consoles, so I think once that is made clear, the choice between the two will become much clearer once they have been formally announced. Which console would you go with: GamePop, GamePop Mini, or one of the other Android consoles? Let us know what you would choose in the comments.

Source: via Android Police

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