your turn footballThere have been plenty of turn-based social games that have taken off in recent times: Draw Something, Words with Friends, and countless others. But I feel that one largely neglected genre that hasn’t featured in too many social games is sports. With a lot of sports, it’s all about taking turns, and there is no better example of that than American football, and Pick6 Studios has a new game called Your Turn Football to show you just how good an idea that is.

Your Turn Football is a simple enough game; you can log in via Facebook to play with your Facebook friends or just play somebody random. Once the game has started, one of you will start playing the offence. The beauty of Your Turn Football is that you don’t play your defensive sets; Madden it is not, you will only play the offensive sets, and to do this only requires two buttons.your turn footballIn most cases, you will either only have buttons to Pass Target/QB Read or to run Left/Right.  The plays that your team will take is randomized, so all you have to do is either to time your pass, or to figure out which way to run; the AI takes care of the rest. There’s also a nifty, quick tutorial for you to play and does a good job of giving you a run down of how the game works.

Once your offensive set is over, usually ending because of a touchdown or end of set, you will be given options for what kind of defensive focus you want to take. This focus might be “Balanced” or “Blitz Often” or whatever takes your fancy. After you select this, the ball is in your opponents court. Likewise, before you start your offensive set, you can select what your offensive focus is, like “Running Often” or “Passing Often” or again, whatever you like.

Your Turn Football

There is also some added depth to the game: you can customize your team and buy new players and switch their positions if you please. There are also customizations to your team as a whole that can add a little boost to your team’s performance. All of these will cost either ‘Coins’ or ‘Bucks’, but obviously these enhancements can easily change the tide of the game. Coins and Bucks can be purchased within the game for small (or large) amounts of money as IAPs, and depending on your luck/skill, you might need to.

There are a few things that could be improved with the game: normally, I really dislike games that constantly remind me that “you’re needed back in the game” when there’s nothing happening and you just haven’t played for a day, but Your Turn Football would really benefit from a push notification when it’s your turn to begin your offensive set. Also, and this is a peeve with quite a few games these days, is that the soft back button in some menus acts like the home button and quits the game. It’s not hugely annoying since the game has just frozen, but it is incredibly inconvenient. There needs to be a menu in-game as it’s currently impossible to leave the game (without pressing the home button). Last of all, while there was a very good tutorial of how the on-field game works, there was little indication of how the rest of the game worked with players, the store, etc. besides what you could work out yourself.

your turn football

All-in-all, Your Turn Football is one of those gems that might not get the numbers that Words of Friends does, but boy, did I enjoy myself playing it. Sure, I’m not a huge American football buff, but the simplicity of the game and how it’s executed makes for an enjoyable, social game that I’d recommend to anyone wanting exactly that, or wanting a new social game. The game is available now for free, so if you’re interested, hit the Play Store link below to give it a try. See you on the field!

Game: Your Turn Football

Play Store Link

Price: Free