These days, there are many apps out there that can really make you forget that you have an app drawer. From PIE controls, to Sidebar Launcher, the app drawer is slowly becoming less of a necessity. Now we have Bubble Launcher. A new “always on top” sidebar launcher that can help you with multi-tasking.

Bubble Launcher was developed by Reinhard Strauch, and it can give you quick access to your apps while within any app. The bubble controls peak out from which ever side of the screen you decide to place it, reminiscent to how the HALO bubbles are always on screen. Speaking of HALO, it does work with the awesome notification feature if you are rocking one of the new Paranoid ROMS.

There is a free version and a paid version of this new side launcher, and what I am kind of disappointed about, is the fact that you really cannot do much with the free version. When trying to access features, a message pops up asking to buy the paid version.  Paid version is only a $1.30, so download the free version to see if it is worth price of a Whopper. Let us know how you like it.

Free Version
Paid Version
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