Looks like Zuckerberg and his brainiac team have messed up yet again, and your phone number might be out on there on the internet somewhere for anyone to grab. A new report by Symantec, has reported that the social media outlet has been obtaining phone numbers without the user’s consent. Over they weekend, they also reported that Facebook was sending user’s phone numbers from the Android app to the their servers. Security breach!

According to the reports, Symantec also mentions that these actions occurred even if the user did not even log in. They mention that a significant number of users who downloaded the app were affected by this, and the app has been downloaded over 500 million times, so that is a pretty huge number. A spokesperson from Facebook says they are investigating this ordeal, and that a fix will soon follow. They also mentioned that the data collected was not processed, and has since been deleted. I am sure we can just take their word on that one.

This just adds to the whole NSA situation that has been talked about in the recent months, and if you do not think Facebook is working with the NSA, then you are still asleep. Facebook is the easiest way to learn any detail about a person, simply because we allow that to happen. I am not saying we allow personal information like phone numbers to be taken, but it is a social meia outlet that we use to meet people as well as stay in contact with people.

Zuckerberg is probably sweating in his hoodie right about now, but I am sure the billions of dollars he sits on will comfort those woes. Let us know what you guys think about this.

Source: Android Headlines

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    The King Jim Version of the Tech bible states in the book of Proverbials, Chapter 6, verse 3:
    “A leaky ship sinks fast”