Nexus 7In what might be described as a bemusing turn of events, the official specifications for the new Nexus 7, which we have been expecting from before Google I/O, has apparently be communicated in its full entirety by an ASUS rep and given a release date.

The conversation, as reported on Android Authority, is as follows:

Asus Employee: Hello [redacted name], How may I help you?

Customer: Hi I’m interested in buying the Asus k009? Do you know when it would be released to the public?

AE: I will be more than happy to assist you with this.

C: Thank you

AE: The Tablet should be released before the ending of Q2

C: when exactly is before Q2?

AE: That will be before the ending of July

C: Oh OK can’t please tell the specifications please. I believe it had a 1080p 7 inch screen.

*can you

AE: There has not been confirmed specification as yet, but here is some basics specification , that you can look at:

7 inch LED with 1980*1200 resolution
Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 Quad Core CPU / Snapdragon APQ8064 CPU
2GB of RAM
32GB internal storage
5Mpx rear camera and 1.2Mpx front camera
Android 4.3
4000mAh battery
Wifi a/b/g/n,Bluetooth 4.0 and NFC enabled
LTE / WCDMA / GSM support

This is not confirmed specifications but you can review it

C: Where are these specifications from?

AE: This is Internal Specs [name redacted, but it is not available to the Public as yet because I know you are eager so I just forwarded it to you.

This conversation is suspect in a number of ways, not least of all that the customer in question is an unconfirmed individual and the chat dialogues from where these questions have been transcribed could easily have been false work; it seems most unusual that any employee would reveal details for an unreleased product, much less details that are “not confirmed specifications”, to a customer.

Ignoring the fact this conversation may well have never happened, if these features are correct (and they do look quite similar to the specs we have been expecting), then we should be expecting this 32GB, 1080p Nexus 7 “before the ending of July” with Android 4.3. Extrapolating on this, this release would also put the release of Android 4.3 before the end of July, which is exactly what we have been predicting given the leak of the Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Play Edition Android 4.3 ROM this week.

There might be a few too many things suspect about this chat conversation to make this a real source; like the screen resolution being 1980×1200, which is an unheard of and doesn’t quite line up with the old Nexus 7’s screen resolution. And if the Nexus 7 does release in the next few weeks, this might just be purely coincidental as we have been expecting word of its release for some time now. But that’s just what we think; what do you think about this Nexus 7 leak?

Source: Android Authority

  • Alan

    Actually… the 1920×1200 resolution is exactly 50% more pixels in each direction, giving the the device the exactly same proportions to the screen.

    • Stephen Yuen

      The transcribed conversation actually says the resolution for the new Nexus 7 would be 1980×1200, hence my note about it being unusual.

  • peter klein

    Why no external micro sd slot? I have a 10′ tablet with 32GB storage and with my 32GB sd card, I have 64GB of storage. Dont understand why Nexus cant have an external micro sd slot. That would really open up the market to the Nexus 7.