sony honamiJust when we were getting comfortable with the Xperia Z and its new big brother, the Xperia Z Ultra… Apparently Sony is already working on the flagship to follow the Xperia Z. Codenamed the Sony Honami, this new device purportedly sports a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor as well as a 20MP camera which will be able to take pictures at a resolution of up to 5248×3936 and take 4000×2000 videos, which we have come to know as ‘4K’ videos.

From a just a system dump of a device with model number C6096, XperiaBlog has discovered several other features of this new Sony device, least of all discovering that the device will be host to an updated Sony UI.

sony honamiAccompanying the new UI is a whole host of updates to the launcher, calendar, phonebook and lots more which you can have a in-depth look at here. If that kind of exclusive information wasn’t enough, there have also been leaked photos of a phone that looks a lot like the Honami in the rendered pictures. The phone looks a lot like an Xperia, bearing the now iconic power button on the right side of the phone and looks to possibly use aluminium, though that might just be shiny plastic on the prototype.

sony honamiAll of this amounts to a pretty huge leak for a phone that has neither been announced nor really hinted at, and understandably so with the Xperia Z only just getting Android 4.2.2 and the recent launch of the Xperia Z Ultra. Even so, the Sony Honami makes a whole lot of sense as the race is now on to see who is the first of the other manufacturers (Samsung being the first with their Galaxy S4 LTE-A) to get a Snapdragon 800 into their smartphones and try and harness that 4K video goodness and brutal power.

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Source: XperiaBlogJust Another Mobile Blog via Android Police