MOMAX iPower GO: Who Said External Power Couldn’t Be Stylish?


momax ipower goWhen I look out on the countless number of external and portable battery options available, I think it’d be hard say there are too many options out there that scream ‘style’. Sleek, sure; but I think there is a distinct lack of offerings for those of us who want an external battery to be functional and not be embarrassing to use in public. The MOMAX iPower GO looks right up this street featuring some looks and styling that wouldn’t look foreign in a fashionable lady’s handbag.

The iPower Go comes with a capacity of 8,800mAh and is available in white, aqua, magenta, dyke blue or yellow. It has two outputs, the first of which is a 1A output, and the second is a 2.1A output, meaning you could charge two devices at the same time. It also comes with a flashlight on the power output end which could be useful for those midnight scrambles for power.

If the colours or battery capacity aren’t to your liking, there is also an offering from MOMAX one step up from this called the iPower GO+, which offers 11,200mAh and is available in gold and silver.

momax ipower goPrices for the MOMAX iPower GO look to be around $69 AUD, which is quite decent for the whole package, and 8,800mAh is definitely not an insignificant amount of battery charge. If you’re looking for an external battery that has a big capacity and looks good, the iPower GO may be the way to… GO, but hopefully it performs as well as it looks. It’s available now from the MOMAX eShop or at distributors around the world.

Would you be interested in the MOMAX iPower Go? Let us know what you think of it in the comments below.

Source: MOMAX

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