Google Reader has now retired, and many of us have tried to find news feed love somewhere else. There are many options out there, but I think I found my replacement in Taptu.

Taptu is a highly customizable news feed, that can wash all those Google Reader woes away.  There are tons of categories to pick for your own personal news feeds, and you are given the option to merge feeds. This is a nice little added bonus. The merging of feeds gives you the ability to not have so many feeds to keep track of. I, for instance, merged my Android feed with my tech and gadgets feed. You can also add your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn feeds to keep track of those glorious social media outlets.

If you want to utilize RSS feeds still, do not worry. You can still access RSS feeds to certain websites of your choosing. I typed in our website, and sure enough, are feed now shows up. Customizable widgets also come with that. Any particular feed you want widget access to, is there at your disposal. You have the option to customize the theme of the widget as well, so it can play nice with your themed homescreen.

Overall I would suggest heading into the Play Store and grabbing Taptu. It is free to try, and I am sure you guys will like it. Check out my video review below as well. Let us know how you like it.

Play Store Link