When we have our precious smartphones in our pockets, the last thing we would think to happen is a tiny little explosion to occur. 18 year-old Fanny Schlatter thought the same thing as well, while her Galaxy S III was chilling in her pocket. Now there still hasn’t been word on the initial cause of the explosion, but it was so bad, that her pants had to be cut off. We have heard numerous times about user’s phones randomly exploding, but I do not think we have seen anything like this. The picture of the severe burn is definitely for the weak stomachs out there, and those of you that have the plastic phone of death, will not find the aftermath of the phone pleasing at all.

“Once we have been able to contact this person, we will launch a thorough investigation to shed light on the accident and, in this context, what is left of the phone will probably be sent to Korea. [Samsung submits its products to ] rigorous quality controls.”-Mirjam Berger, spokesperson, Samsung Switzerland

I am sure she will be receiving a nice fat check from Samsung after the investigation is over with. Let us know what you think about this.

Source: Phone Arena

  • abdulla

    She lies I can tell it’s a setup

  • gonewind

    probably she had the phone accidentally on constantly in pocket trigger by object in pocket plus the fabric she wore may help trap heat… I never like Samsung phone due to the fact it’s phones not only lack of highest quality control but also rush out to market without with diff gimmick packages in shapes and sizes without solid lab test on models. This exactly the repeat of Nokia phone in the yr 2000’s mistake.

  • jhon

    she was using cheap after market battery for sure

  • FILA

    She went out to buy a iPhone after this, which in return will do the same exact thing, lol, those apple batteries