crazy taxiThere are some of you who will fondly remember a console called the SEGA Dreamcast. Those that do may also fondly remember a game on the Dreamcast called Crazy Taxi, a game whose only objective was to pick up passengers, and deliver them to their destinations as fast and ruthlessly as possible. It was very well received in the year 2000 and went on to become quite a large franchise spanning pretty much every major console since then. Well, you can add Android to that list now as SEGA has remastered and released the game for the mobile platform.

The game features essentially the original game including the original soundtrack by The Offspring and Bad Religion. Better yet, if you don’t like the look of the on-screen buttons, Crazy Taxi is compatible with your MOGA controller, and essentially any HID controller. Now if only there was a Bluetooth controller that resembled a Dreamcast controller…

Crazy Taxi is available now from the Google Play Store for $4.99, so get in gear and relive the Dreamcast’s glory days. Any Crazy Taxi drivers out there? Let us know how Crazy you were back in the day.

Game: Crazy Taxi

Play Store Link

Price: $4.99

  • Erick

    The price on this report is wrong. It is listed at 4.99 on my play store.

    • Stephen Yuen

      You would be correct! Thanks very much for pointing that out, post has been updated

  • FILA

    oh my god, i been waiting for a long time for someone to release this game again! Finally

    • Stephen Yuen

      Agreed! And it’s as good as it always was. Stay tuned for our review