robot unicorn attack 2If you’ve ever played flash games on the web, it would have been hard not to have come across a game called Robot Unicorn Attack by Adult Swim games. This game has wasted countless amounts of my time, ruined productivity, and all the while getting its soundtrack stuck in your head. If you need a refresher, here’s what it sounded like:

Yeah, that’s not going to get out of my head for awhile… Anyway, due to the previous games huge success on Flash, iOS and Android, there’s been a sequel which is again on Android, Robot Unicorn Attack 2. While you might not think a game like this could have too many improvements, there have been customizations added which allow you to change the look of your robot unicorn, as well as unlocking extra content. The levels will also change everyday and there are IAPs which come in the form of songs playing in-game. And yes, one of those songs is Erasure – “Always”.

The game is free and the gameplay is addictive, so there’s very little reason not to pick up Robot Unicorn Attack 2 and try it. Unless you like productivity or something… Let us know if you do pick it up, Play Store links are below.

Source: Droidgamers
Game: Robot Unicorn Attack 2

Play Store Link

Price: Free