moto xLooks like a Rogers employee got a little heavy handed; a Rogers exclusive video showing off some of the features of the new Moto X has been shown on Google+, presumably before its time. It also appears that the Moto X will be a Rogers exclusive in Canada, in black and white; no mention about the plethora of customizations we’ve been expecting. And if you’re thinking that this is a controlled leak of some kind, the web address that is quoted in the video isn’t even active yet. See for yourself.

The video walks through some of the not-quite-new, but evolved aspects of Android on the Moto X like the voice control features built into Google Now, a new notifications reminder that doesn’t use a LED, but rather pulses a symbol on screen when a notification is received, as well as a physical gesture that activates the camera. This seems a little gimmicky as you could easily activate the camera whilst just shaking your hand, but we’ll see how useful it is when people actually use it. The camera app also uses a new interface which doesn’t actually use a camera overlay, showing you just what the camera sees, and all you have to do is touch the screen to take a picture. This seems more convenient, but that eliminates the possibility of focussing on a specific area of the screen, that is if it doesn’t focus on where you tap.

One other feature of note is the translucent on-screen buttons when using the camera, which suggests that it is running a new version of Android, and as expected, the software running on the Moto X looks very stock Android. The video goes on to say that the Moto X will be available on Rogers in August. Hopefully the release of the phone in Canada will coincide with its release around the world.

The video appears to be privately hosted, so click here to watch the video.

UPDATE: Somebody reuploaded the video so you can watch it in its YouTube glory:

What do you think of these features? Or even of the leak itself? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Source: Google+

  • FILA

    No LED Notification light = no buy for me

  • Lazarus Solsong

    This video confirms that the XPhone has an 800 chip

    • Stephen Yuen

      Where is that confirmed?