Developers Evil_DevNull and Sinister Tensai have teamed up to create a ROM for the EVO 4G LTE unlike any other. Both Evil and Sinister say they’re “just 2 passionate developers working together to create something the end users DESERVE”. They’ve taken the EVO 4G LTE and made it what it should have been, enter the Evilution-HD ROM.


I’ve been running Evilution-HD for two days and just want to give some first impressions. It’s actually so stable that I have my wife running it to test it, I don’t have an EVO LTE anymore. A longer, full-depth review is coming, but I just wanted to show a few things that it brings. This ROM is still beta, they’re actually announcing testers that they’ve chosen via Twitter @Evil_DevNull and @SinisterTensai, but are still looking for some more. If you’re interested in testing this ROM for yourself, go here.


Evilution-HD has a stock look with some red and black accents, but has far from a stock feel. The first thing you notice is the Quietly Broken boot animation, which braces you for what’s to come. Evilution-HD brings new life to the EVO LTE and runs smoother than any other ROM I’ve ever run on the device. Not only is it quick and snappy, but it sips on the battery and has great battery life. On the second day running the ROM, it was unplugged for 13.5 hours and was still at 42% under a full day’s worth of usage. Did I mention that this build is insanely stable? It “just works” and hasn’t had any freezes, had any reboots, run hot, or had any other issues that some ROMs occasionally have. I don’t want to get into too many more specifics, just know that two OCD devs have been working hard to create the best user experience for the EVO 4G LTE.



As I said before, this was just a preview and I wanted to give my initial thoughts before it goes into beta testing. A full review is coming after Evilution-HD has its final release which should be coming soon and we’ll keep you posted. If you have an EVO 4G LTE, you’ll want this ROM. For more info on this release and future happenings, check out and follow @Evil_DevNull and @SinisterTensai on Twitter.

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