New Google Play Store Online
Looks like the Google Play Store on the web side of things got a bit of a make over today. The new layout is looking pretty sick with a better looking UI on the far left hand side to access Apps, Movies & Tv and the likes. Below that you now find a quick list of actions like My Wishlist, Redeem gift card, Buy gift card and Buy Google Play credit. It looks like a large majority of the redesign update is really aimed at movies, books, music and magazines. Focusing the online experience towards the digital consumer vs apps and games. That doesn’t mean they don’t highlight a the aforementioned, but I certainly do seem to be bombarded with more digital content then before on the front page.

Google Play Store Update
What do you think of the new look? Do you see more digital content being pushed to the forefront? What do you think of the new design?

  • FILA

    not bad, i dont use the web interface that much, but not bad

  • Nexus4Life

    They took away too many cool features. Can’t see what apps are on individual devices, can’t remove apps, etc. Sometimes less is more, but it’s just less.

  • Daniél Lecoq

    Why does the “We’ve changed a few things” banner look like Window 8?

  • Chahk

    This “update” is a regression so far back, The Doctor brought it in his TARDIS from the past.

  • craig goslan

    The old desifn was easy to use, I can’t find anything on the new design.